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It bears your name


There is a tree growing in a forest in England.
It is an English tree, growing in English soil.
It could be an Oak or an Ash, a Rowan or a Beech.
Whatever it is. It is yours. It bears your name.

Your tree will grow free. It will, if God wills it, live for decades.
It will remind those who shelter under it, who you are now.
Not who you were then.

Birds of all shapes, sizes and colours will
rest in the branches of your tree.
This tree is in Quaker Wood, which is part of a forest in Bedfordshire,

Each of us, made in the image of God, will die.
It is life's only certainty. Some of us will die young.
Others, according to God's plan,
will live longer.
Each of us will leave our mark on Creation.

You Dennis, have left your mark on me.
You will always be a part of my life.
You are my friend.
You will always be the absent friend at my table.

I wish you Peace and Friendship always

Bernard Crier

Kindly contributed by Bernard Crier
November 23rd 2004

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
There's too many places I haven't seen
And if I stayed here with you, now
Things just wouldn't be the same
Well I'm as free as a bird now,
And a bird you can not change.